Transistor ni Venus by Izumi Takemoto – manga review

Transistor ni Venus 1Transistor ni Venus is a seven-volume science fiction espionage manga series by Izumi Takemoto. It has only been released in Japan as far as I know, though various English translations exist online.

Set in the far future of 2269, the main character is April Enus, a spy on the planet Lisbon working for the Alliance Information Ministry in the Intelligence Bureau. She is accompanied by her intelligent cat, Winslow.

Enus, like most intelligence agents of the time, has some psychic abilities. Hers only prevent anyone from dying when she is near, though. They don’t prevent people—including Enus—from getting seriously maimed and having to spend months in regeneration to fix the issues. Due to this dubious power, she has acquired the nickname of “The Goddess Venus”. The title translates into English as something like “A Transistor into Venus”, probably meaning that her power translates her into Venus.

Takemoto states that the title of Transistor ni Venus is inspired by what he imagines a beautiful and sexy female spy would experience during her various adventures. He mentions The Girl from U.N.C.L.E., but states that he has never watched the series or read the novels. As the series ran in the monthly manga anthology magazine Comic Flapper, the content tends to be a bit more risque (along the lines of the Austin Powers film series): no actual nudity, but plenty of skin and suggestive content (for one, Enus has a tendency to passionately kiss any cute girl she encounters, and she encounters quite a few).

Takemoto’s art style is very soft, with a lot of curves and vivid colors (on the covers and the few color pages). I’ve enjoyed his works for many years now (I think around 17 or so), and while Transistor ni Venus isn’t my favorite of his works, I still generally enjoyed it.

The overall story is pretty fun, and the aliens and situations encountered make for a fun ride. The individual stories remind me of various episodes from 1950s to 1970s spy adventure books and films. If you can get past the suggestive content, you will enjoy Transistor ni Venus. Maybe it will even be released in the States at some point in the future.

Release Dates: November 1, 2000 to September 22, 2004 (Japan)
ISBNs: vol.1 4889917624 (9784889917628)
            vol.2 4889917780 (9784889917789)
            vol.3 4840104182 (9784840104180)
            vol.4 4840104549 (9784840104548)
            vol.5 4840104883 (9784840104883)
            vol.6 4840109249 (9784840109246)
            vol.7 4840109745 (9784840109741)
Publisher: Media Factory
Language: Japanese
Original Title: トランジスタにヴィーナス

MySF Rating: Four point zero stars
Family Friendliness: 30%


Alcohol/Drugs: 3
Language: 2
Nudity: 3
Sexuality: 4
Violence: 3 (some mild non-graphic violence)

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