The Pirate Fairy – film review

Teaser poster for "The Pirate Fairy" limited theatrical release.
Teaser poster for “The Pirate Fairy” limited theatrical release.
Tinker Bell and her Pixie Hollow friends are back in The Pirate Fairy, the latest Disney Fairies adventure. This film introduces a new character and gives some of the origin story about one of the most iconic Peter Pan characters.

Zarina is a pixie dust fairy who has a special talent and natural curiosity which leads her to discover multiple new colors of pixie dust (beyond the yellow and blue we already know about). After she causes problems due to her discoveries and refusal to stop experimenting, Zarina leaves Pixie Hollow. Skip to a year later.

During the Pixie Hollow Festival of the Four Seasons, Zarina returns, puts almost all the fairies to sleep with magical poppies, and then steals the blue pixie dust at the heart of the Pixie Dust tree. Tinker Bell and her regular crew see Zarina flying off with the blue pixie dust and set off in hot pursuit, following her to a pirate ship anchored off Skull Rock.

The best performance was Tom Hiddleston as James, the first mate on the pirate ship. He does an excellent job all throughout the film; he makes a great pirate. He and the other pirates want to use the pixie dust to make their pirate ship fly so they can swoop in on any unsuspecting port and get away just as easily. To that end, they’ve made Zarina their captain.

The music is nothing special this time around. Joel McNeely did a good job making sure it fit into the film, but none of the pieces were especially moving. It worked, but didn’t go beyond that.

The story was pretty standard fare, and not quite as good as in The Great Fairy Rescue or Secret of the Wings. There were a few spots where the pacing was a little off, as well, but they weren’t significantly noticeable and will likely be missed by most.

The animation was well done, and continues the trend in the series of becoming more detailed with each release. The textures on the fairy dresses are approaching realistic, and the skin textures are getting more varied and less plastic-like. I really love how the digital tools are getting so close to traditional media (and even surpassing them in many cases).

Overall, I enjoyed The Pirate Fairy. It isn’t my favorite of the series, but it’s still one kids are sure to enjoy, and so I recommend it as a fun family flick.

Release Date: April 2, 2014 (USA)
MPAA Rating: G

MySF Rating: Three point five stars
Family Friendliness: 100%


Alcohol/Drugs: 0
Language: 0
Nudity: 0
Sexuality: 0
Violence: 1 (mild peril from the pirates, sword fights)

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