Ratings Guide

MySF Short Short Reviews created the star ratings, content information, and family friendliness score with intuitiveness in mind. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback regarding any of them.

Star Ratings

We use a five-star scale (with half-stars, too) here on MySF:

  • ratings-star-0_5:
    We think the work is not worth your time.
  • ratings-star-1_0:
    We think the work has some minor redeeming values, but they are scattered and very scarce.
  • ratings-star-1_5:
    We think the work is far below average, but not the worst out there.
  • ratings-star-2_0:
    We think the work is below average, but with a few redeeming qualities.
  • ratings-star-2_5:
    We think the work was pretty much average, and are iffy on recommending it.
  • ratings-star-3_0:
    We think the work was slightly above average, but still worth reading or seeing.
  • ratings-star-3_5:
    We think the work was quite above average and worth reading or seeing, but missing several important elements.
  • ratings-star-4_0:
    We think the work was very good, and definitely worth your time, but may be missing some elements.
  • ratings-star-4_5:
    We think the work was almost the best but missing only a few minor elements.
  • ratings-star-5_0:
    We think the work is one of the best out there. As Mary Poppins would say, “Practically perfect in every way.”

Keep in mind that these ratings are simply our opinions, and yours may differ. We’re fine with that because whether a person likes something is fairly subjective. We may even differ in our opinions here on MySF (and we may even have reviews of one work by multiple contributors on occasion).

Please also keep in mind that these ratings are of the work itself, not of the creators of the works. The person (or people) who created the work may be a fabulous person, but may have stumbled to one degree or another with a particular work. If we reviewed one of your works and gave it a low rating, please don’t take the review personally.

Content Information

MySF understands that you may have preferences regarding the content of the media you consume. We offer content information in five categories (Alcohol/Drugs, Language, Nudity, Sexuality, and Violence) as a way to help you make better and more-informed decisions. Our content scale from zero to five allows you to have an idea of what you may be getting into before you read, watch, or play it.

  1. Zero means the work has none of that content.
  2. One means the work contains a very minor, mild, or incidental amount.
  3. Two means the work contains some non-graphic amounts.
  4. Three means the work contains a fair amount of mildly-graphic content (such as for comic effect).
  5. Four means the work contains a lot of the content, but not a rampant amount.
  6. Five means the work has rampant amounts of the content.

Alcohol/Drugs: Whether there is any use or consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs (especially illegal). Regular taking of OTC or prescribed medications will not rate on this scale.
Language: Whether there is any swearing, course language, racist language, or other crude language. This includes use of deity titles or names as expletives.
Nudity: Whether there are any depictions of nudity.
Sexuality: Whether there is any overtly suggestive or sexual innuendo in visuals or descriptions. Regular hugging and kissing will not rate on this scale.
Violence: Whether there are any depictions of violence.

Family Friendliness

While this may be somewhat redundant to the content information, above, MySF offers our family friendliness rating as a way to gauge whether the work can be enjoyed by those of all ages. A 100% rating indicates that we think it is acceptable for all ages, and anything lower than that will be reflected in the content information as well.