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Have a suggestion for something to review? Please note the following:

  • We review science fiction, fantasy, horror, and alternate history works, as well as non-fiction related to those genres. If the work you want us to review doesn’t fit in one of those areas, you are still welcome to send it to us but it may not be reviewed here.
  • We can not guarantee to publish a review by a specific date, though we will do our best to meet a requested review date as long as we are given sufficient time (determined by us) to complete a useful review.
  • Related to the above, if we receive an advance copy of an upcoming work far enough in advance of its release date, we will try to match up the review with that release date as closely as possible.
  • Use the form below and we will give you a mailing address to send physical copies, or an email address to send electronic copies. Please don’t ask us to sign up on a website so we can download a review copy.
  • Any copies of works sent to us for review become the property of MySF Reviews and we can dispose of them as we see fit.
  • Sending us a review copy does not guarantee a positive review. We will be honest in our reviews.

You can use the form below to request an address where you can send the work for review.


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